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Blue Cannon deliver the very best in sports information products. At the top of the tree are the algorithm based football prediction offering which was closely followed by an equivalent product giving value selections on major horse racing events. In addition Blue Cannon offer an online sports magazine and Newsletter giving up to date and relevant articles from top bloggers, vloggers and sports journalists.

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Premiership Algorithm

A football algorithm that predicts the results of English Premiership football matches. The algorithm has been operating for almost 2 full seasons and is self-enhancing. It uses raw data from matches over time and analyses the data to come up with the most likely score.

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Football Betting Club

Football Betting Club is based on the All Things Football Algorithm and the club offers different levels of entry dependent upon the depth of information you want to receive.

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Horse Racing Betting Club

HRBC is a horse racing algorithm that predicts the likely winner in a horse race. The horses in any particular race are not rated against other runners in the race but only against race conditions using data specific to each horse. Some such parameters are class, going, distance, type of course (right handed, left handed, undulating, flat etc). Races are only eligible if there is data available on all runners.

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Sports View

Sports View is an online magazine written by a professional journalist and has regular articles of interest on current and relevant sporting events. The primary focus is football but guest bloggers and vloggers cover the whole spectrum of the sporting world.

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Blue Cannon deliver the very best
in sports information products..
At the top of the tree is an algorithm
based football prediction offering
an equivalent product on major .
horse racing events

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